Monday, April 29, 2013

Why Preventive Maintenance?

     Preventive Maintenance is not a luxury. It is sound financial management! Heating and cooling equipment today is too expensive and too technical, not to invest in a good quality preventive maintenance program.  Think of it in the same way as the preventive maintenance of your car. You regularly schedule changing the oil, replacement of belts and filters, so that when you get in your car, you know that it will run efficiently and safely.
     Since we live in the high desert area of Boise, Idaho where it is plenty dusty at times, regular maintenance will decrease stress on the system, thus postponing costly replacement. It will reduce energy consumption, thus saving you money on utility bills. Since heating and air conditioning account for nearly 50% of your total energy usage, the amount spent on regular service and maintenance, is a worthwhile investment. Even a film of residue on the coil and fins of the condenser will increase power consumption. Just cleaning a dirty condenser can increase capacity by 20% or more, while decreasing operating costs by 15% or more. The main caution I can give you is this:  Some companies only change your filters and neglect other critical components such as the coils. Don't assume they are going to do every thing listed on your agreement. Make sure you are there when the service is done so you know that it was done according to your contract. .
     Literally, it will cost penny's a day to have your HVAC professional set you up on a program. The contract usually includes two visits yearly to your home. One in the spring and one the fall. In the spring they will clean the coils and fins, replace filters, check all the electronics, compressor, and Freon levels in your A/C. In the fall they will come and clean your furnace, change the filters, check your heat exchanger, electrical system, blower motor, burners, and their flame. There is usually a 12 to 14 point check of your equipment.
They will also check your thermostat to make sure it is functioning properly. Preventive maintenance assures that your entire system is thoroughly cleaned and inspected. For more information, check our website at We are your Treasure Valley HVAC professionals.