Monday, April 8, 2013

Why Is A Matched System Important?

     As we approach the summer months, we might start remembering how hot is was last summer, and we were remembering that our A/C didn't seem to be keeping up and keeping us cool. Maybe we remember how much noise our A/C was making and how rusted out and dirty our outdoor unit was. In either case, we should think about whether or not it is time to replace it.
     If you replace a outdoor unit that is 15 years old, you will need to replace the indoor coil that fits above or below your furnace. The reason being is, that all new systems call for the new R-410A refrigerant that is environmentally friendly.
    Here is what you may not know. If your replacing the A/C outdoor unit and the indoor evaporative coil, you SHOULD replace the furnace at the same time. I know, your saying there is nothing wrong with the furnace and we don't use it in the summer!
     Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Furnaces and Air Handlers have energy efficiency ratings. The only way to achieve those ratings is by installing a matched system. There are SEER ratings. (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) There are HSPF ratings. (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) There are EER ratings. (Energy Efficiency Ratings) and the like. These are standards of energy used in comparison with comfort and air delivered. Its all very technical I know. @comfortguyjerry is here to tell you, if you want to get an A/C with a SEER rating of 14, you will have to replace your furnace with a new one. Why? All of these ratings are tied together, meaning, the furnace has to be the right efficiency, the blower motor size delivering the correct CFM's has to be correct and add to that, your duct work has to be sized correctly. All these factors are required to get a 14 SEER unit.
     Plus, when the installer comes out to install your new A/C, he going to have to pull your furnace out anyway to be able to install the new evaporative coil. Trust me, they are not just trying to sell you more product. Their goal is to help you get as close as you can to the efficiency that is stated on the equipment or in their literature. Don't make the mistake and assume that if you purchase a 14 SEER A/C that your are going to get 14 SEER. You will 'get up' to 14 depending on these other factors. For more information check our website at