Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why Is A Matched System Important? Part 2

     In my first blog on this subject, we focused on matters of 'efficiency' in the system to help you get the 'most bang for the buck', as it were. Today I had a few other comments to hopefully round out my thoughts, and help provide more education on the subject.
     There are really a variety of reasons for purchasing a matched system, meaning a furnace, indoor coil, and outdoor condenser. One important reason is your comfort, and the comfort of your family. If your system is sized properly, then you will be able to control the precise amount of heating and cooling you need, and can relax about the operating cost. How perfect.
     What do we mean by properly sized? Sizing means that the dealer will do what is called a load calculation to determine the right size A/C, coil, and furnace, along with the right size blower motor on the furnace. The load calculation takes into account the size of the duct work, amount of insulation, size and number of windows, and there type. So as you can see the load calculation is to make sure your not purchasing too large of a system for your home and end up heating and cooling rooms that do not exist. Oversized or undersized equipment makes that equipment work harder, cycle more often, etc. I think you get the picture.
     Because the government has set the bar for air conditioner SEER ratings at a minimum of 13, and we are required by law to use the new R410-A refrigerant when we replace and A/C unit, we have to change out the indoor coil, or your new system won't work. Period! The United Homeowners Association, a Washington based consumer organization offers this advice:

                  "If your furnace, for example, is over 15 years of age, it's probably time to
                  boot it our the door....If your furnace's efficiency comes in somewhere
                  between 50%-75% you ought to begin investigating rebate offers for buy-
                  ing a high-efficiency new furnace as well."

Really good advice from a consumer group that is looking out for your interests, and not out to sell you something. HVAC equipment is still a good investment. People don't mind spending $20,000 for a new car that they will keep 7-10 years and only spend an hour a day in. So why balk at the idea of spending half of that amount to keep your home comfortable 15-20 years or MORE. You spend more time in your home then you do in your car, so you can appreciate the value of a new matched system. For more information contact @comfortguyjerry or check our website at