Monday, April 15, 2013

Keep Allergens At Bay This Spring!

       Are you still sniffling, sneezing, and dealing with watery itchy eyes this spring? There may be more allergens in your home than you know. In fact, the air inside your home can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Because while today's homes do a great job of keeping out the elements, they also hold in airborne particles that can aggravate breathing difficulties.Nearly 72 trillion particles enter the average home every day, and remain in the air. Most homes generate around 40 pounds of dust every year for every 1500 square feet of space. Again, trapped inside your home. Plus, one ounce of dust can contain up to 40,000 dust mites, one of the most common household allergens.
     Solution? Today's air needs tomorrow's air cleaning system. I am talking about a electronic whole house air cleaner that is installed right in your duct work near the furnace. Several manufactures of HVAC equipment offer a product like this. I have been impressed with Trane CleanEffects whole house air cleaner. This product has been designed from the ground up to clean the air like nothing before. CleanEffects quietly makes the air in your home feel cleaner and fresher as it removes allergens. This air cleaner will remove up to 99.98% of allergens, and trap particles as small as .1 microns. How small is .1 microns? It is 100 times smaller than a human hair, so it is very effective in removing spores, mold, pollen, pet dander, dirt and dust. What a welcome relief for anyone with respiratory difficulties. There are a half dozen or so ways to filter the air coming into your home, and Trane CleanEffects is 100 times more effective than a standard one inch filter and delivers more clean air to your home than any other filtration system. It's performance has been verified by leading experts at the Harvard School of Public Health. For more information go to or, and "breath easy".