Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Most Important Day In The Life of Your HVAC System

     The single most important day in the life of your furnace or air conditioner, is the DAY IT'S INSTALLED. That may seem to you like a strange statement. My blog today is designed to explain why that is true. Simply stated, you can purchase the most expensive, highest efficiency, top rated brand, and, if it is not installed correctly, then you will not get the service, or efficiency that you shelled out your hard earned money for.
     There are several factors that are involved in having a properly installed HVAC system. First and foremost is the importance of purchasing a matched system. That means, the furnace, condensing coil, and air conditioner (or heat pump) should be the same brand. You will also find that there are a number of condensing coils to chose from to match up with the air conditioner, and your HVAC company should and can do a correct match in order to give you the highest efficiency possible.
     The next factor is duct work size. To deliver the correct amount of air to your home the duct work has to be sized properly in proportion to the cfm's (cubic feet per minute) coming from the blower motor in the furnace. To give you an example: Let's say your duct work is sized to handle air movement from a 3 ton blower motor but your blower motor is a 4 or 5 ton blower. Obviously you are going to get back pressure because your duct work cannot deliver that much air efficiently. The opposite of that is true as well. If you have duct work designed to deliver air from a 4 ton blower and your furnace only has a 2 ton blower, then it is going to have a hard time warming or cooling your home. In either case, it will cause increased wear and tear, and shorten the life of your equipment.
     The last factor I will mention is the importance of the correct refrigerant charge. That means too much Freon, or too little Freon in your A/C will also be a problem for your system.
     The North Carolina Alternative Energy Corporation, which is a non-profit organization, examined air conditioning manufactures' efficiencies, versus the actual efficiencies that resulted after installation. They found that 90% of the units tested exhibited some sort of energy-wasting, comfort-robbing problem! What were they? 54% had a incorrect refrigerant charge. 70% had incorrect air flow, 93% had duct leakage, 47% of the units were over sized for the home. So, the hope of @comfortguyjerry is to help you see the importance of hiring a quality company, with the a long standing reputation for doing the job right the first time. Remember, The most important day in the life of your HVAC system, is the day it is installed. Check our website at