Tuesday, August 6, 2013

There Are No Free Rides - Really!

     It is sad that we live in a time and economy that we are careful about every dollar we have and at the same time squander money by not being smart about our homes and appliances. A case in point is regarding Service Calls made at our request and then trying to figure out a way not to pay them. Yes, we do not want to pay more than we should, but we don't want to squander money on poor, or NO service.
    Recently we had two experiences here in Boise that demonstrate peoples total lack of regard for a company. THEY, the home owner, called to have a service tech come out and diagnose what was wrong with their air conditioner and why it wasn't cooling.

     In one instance, the problem was a simple wiring issue, that the tech fixed. The company charged the homeowner for a service/diagnostic call, and for a "level one" minor repair. The home owner was furious because he expected the tech to show him how to fix the problem himself, and because it took very little time to repair, didn't want to pay for the call.
     Come on folks! Who does not expect to pay for a Tech just to show up, let alone pay for the service rendered? Lets face it, the company the tech works for has to pay him, and has to pay for gas, a truck, wear and tear on the truck, Workman's Compensation insurance, uniforms, tools, and equipment to make the diagnosis and repair, plus, etc, etc,. There are no free rides, really!!  Everyone in the service industry has a  fee for a service call and that does not include a fee for the repair, no matter how minor. 

I know we live in tough times, but sometimes we have to bite the bullet and have a professional service tech to our homes for repairs of all descriptions. Personally, @comfortguyjerry has had service men come out to repair my clothes dryer, my garage door, my sprinkler system, my refrigerator, and by the way, we chose not to repair the refrigerator but I still had to pay for the service call of $89.00. That's just the way it is in the real world. Read more of my blogs at www.hvaccomforguyjerry.blogspot.com.