Friday, August 9, 2013

Indoor Air Quality and You

     Air is absolutely essential for life. The problem is that the purity of the air is not assured. Outdoor air pollution is pretty obvious, but indoor pollution is not always so readily noticed. The impurities found in homes can build to levels that have a direct effect on our health and quality of life. One report from 2007,  based on independent testing of the air in 10,000 American homes across the country, that 96% had a least one type of indoor air quality or IAQ.
     What does this mean to you? When allergy problems send people to the doctor, invariably the patient asks about about air filtration. Patients want to know what they can do to reduce the pollutants in their homes. Many ask about air cleaners and doctors are telling them that air filtration should be part of their comprehensive health strategy.
     To help you understand about air filtration for your home, there are three approaches to improve air quality.  They involve, Source elimination, Ventilation, and Air Cleaning.
     Source Elimination is just as implied. Doing things in your home to reduce or remove the source of pollutants. Examples would be, not smoking indoors and removing animals, plants and solvents from your home.
     Ventilation is critical, especially in newer homes. New construction methods utilize energy efficient window and doors, extra caulking and weather stripping, along with more insulation. The problem created is, that tighter construction means decreased movement of outside air through the home. The lack of ventilation leads to a build up of stale and dirty air. According to the EPA, the lack of air movement throughout homes can lead to concentrations of pollutants up to a hundred times greater inside a home than outside.

     Air Cleaning by the use of filters and or whole house filtration systems are a vital part of the strategy in improving your overall health. These cleaners remove the particulate matter that remains AFTER source elimination, and ventilation have failed. Some whole house electronic air cleaners can capture particles as small as .01 microns. That is pollutants like influenza, and other bacteria. Because they are part of your heating and cooling system they clean the air in your entire home.
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