Thursday, June 27, 2013

Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance - Rx for Longevity

     This morning I had a doctors appointment to see why I have been having shoulder pain, and It got me thinking about the importance of having health problems checked out by a medical professional. A doctor can evaluate the problem, do a diagnosis, and offer different types of treatment to restore our health. Sometimes it's a simple fix, other times it may involve extensive treatment or even surgery.
      Now, the question is; what does this have to do with my air conditioner, or my HVAC system? Well, think about it. We spend a pretty good chunk of money to invest in a heating and cooling system to keep us comfortable year round. We also hope that we can get some longevity out of that system, so we can feel we have made a 'healthy' investment in our home.
     We usually go once a year to get a physical for our own health and longevity, so, why not see the same importance for the longevity, and health of our air conditioner. Here in the Boise, Idaho area we are going to see temperatures reach 106 degrees in just a few days and that is going to make our air conditioners work overtime and put real strain on its 'heart', the compressor.
   During the 'house call', your HVAC 'doctor will do a physical inspection, run some 'tests' as to the health of the electronics, the 'brain', take the 'blood' pressure of the freon, running through the copper 'arteries' of the system. The 'doctor' will also clean out the system. If you are having problems, he will 'diagnose' the problem and write out a 'Rx' to bring your air conditioner back into a state of health. If something has broken or burned out, he most likely will perform 'surgery' to correct the defect so it can 'live' healthy for many years to come.
  This is why we should have a yearly 'physical' done on our A/C to make sure our system is healthy and operating at maximum efficiency. A yearly check up is really the 'Rx 'for making our A/C operate trouble free for many years.
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