Monday, March 25, 2013

Take Good Care of Your Air Conditioner

If you have central air conditioning, there are some things you can do to take care of your outside unit, so when it is blazing hot this summer it will take good care of you. Let me tell you, @comfortguyjerry has seen some outdoor A/C units so filthy, and coils so clogged up it was a wonder the motor and compressor had'nt  burned out. So, how can you take good care of your air conditioner? A couple of things I do in the early spring before we start to use it is this. Hook up a garden hose and give the A/C unit a good 'bath'. Flush out the coils both from inside out, and outside in. Over the winter there is a lot of dust, leaves and debris that get trapped in the fins of the coil and a good flushing will dislodge all of that. Let it dry for a couple of days before turning it on. The other thing I do is after I have mowed the yard, I get out my leaf blower to blow the grass off the sidewalk, patio and driveway. I always go by the A/C unit and use the blower on it as well. That keeps the dust from building up. Your unit will run better and more efficiently. Of course the best advice I could give you is to call your heating and cooling professional and have them do a 'tune up' on your unit. Not only will they clean the coil but they will go through the whole unit and check freon levels, pressures reads, electronics, etc to make sure your system is running at max efficiency. Sometimes they can see where there are potential problems that may need to be addressed. Remember: Care for your A/C now, and it will care for you all summer. At Greens Heating and Air we go through a 14 point inspection when we do a tune up. Check our website for more details at